Why should I apply to be a Faculty Diversity Search candidate?

  • Faculty Diversity Search (FDS) can increase your chances of finding an appropriate position. Once you have been accepted as a candidate, we send your file to schools with appropriate openings. Our member schools prefer to receive materials from us because they know that our candidates have been pre-screened for the necessary and relevant qualifications.
  • We are a small organization. We choose our candidates very carefully and give them high-quality personalized assistance in their job search. 
  • We have personal relationships within our Member Schools, and reach to our contacts whenever appropriate to discuss a particular candidate in-depth. 

Will FDS definitely find a job for me? 

Your chances depend on your educational background and work experience, the number of teachers retiring or moving, the number of students enrolling in each school, demand for specific classes, the time of year a position is listed, and your personality, temperament, and educational philosophy. We typically receive over 100 applications per year, out of which we work with 50-60 candidates. Over the past 20 years, we have placed 491 faculty and administrators in the New York City area. 

Who pays your fees?

Member schools pay a nominal membership fee per year to FDS and we receive a generous grant from The Altman Foundation.

When do the private and independent schools do most of their hiring?

The peak hiring season for Faculty positions is January through April. Leadership and Administrative positions are often filled by December for the following school year. Some teaching positions may continue to be filled through the summer. 

I do not want my employer to know that I am looking for a new job. Can I participate confidentially?

You can begin your search confidentially, but at some point you will need to tell your current employer that you are seeking a new position. When that time comes, we can support you throughout these conversations and offer guidance on how to approach the topic. Once you have signed a contract with your current school for the following school year, we are unable to help you. 

How can I increase my chances of being interviewed and hired by a school?

  • Be very responsive to FDS staff as well as schools who contact you.
  • Pre-register for the Job Fair to Promote Diversity (co-sponsored by FDS and NYSAIS) in January and attend in February. School administrators will be in attendance specifically for the purpose of interviewing candidates.
  • Once you have been invited to interview with a school administrator, take the time to learn about the school's philosophy and other important information in advance.