New Applicants

1. Email your resume and a brief introduction indicating what type of job you are seeking to:
2. If we feel we will be able to assist you in securing a position, we will contact you.

If Selected as a potential FDS Candidate, next steps include

3.  A telephone or in-person interview with FDS Staff
4.  Providing three professional references and three letters of recommendation
5.  Providing official transcript(s)

Once the FDS staff reviews the application, candidates selected for the FDS pool will be notified and invited for a telephone or in-person interview with our staff in the New York office. To complete the application process, candidates will be asked to provide three professional references and official transcript(s). You do not have to have all your references and transcripts to start the process but in order to be considered by a school and complete the process, you will need those documents. Schools will also want to contact your references by telephone or email, so be ready to provide your references’ contact information.

Once a file is complete, it is sent to member schools as appropriate openings occur. The FDS staff works closely with each school and candidate throughout the hiring process. Member schools’ commitment to faculty diversity and their high regard for the FDS selection process assure a careful review of every candidate file.

If contacted by a school, it is important that candidates respond promptly to the school, either by phone or email, and notify FDS of this contact.

The offer of a position can be made ONLY by an individual school. Salaries and benefits are established by each school and vary from school to school.