Faculty Diversity Search is Seeking Candidates

This is an exciting time of year as the hiring season is just about to begin. We typically think of the season running from late January through May although we are starting to learn of some interesting job openings even now. So please sign up to be one of our FDS candidates and then once we hear of jobs which may be of interest to you, we can start to work with you to make a great match.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone or by email with any questions you may have concerning our website, your search or the independent schools in general.   We love working closely with our candidates and we welcome any inquiries throughout the hiring period.

Best of luck with your search and please know that we are available to help you through this process!   

Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning?

Research shows that students, especially boys, benefit when teachers share their race or gender. Yet most teachers are white women. An important article from the New York Times highlights powerful research that shows why diversity in the classroom matters and why students from all backgrounds benefit when their teachers reflect the world at large.

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The Lie About College Diversity

Frank Bruni makes the argument that true diversity in a community does not just result from numbers and photos of diverse students and faculty.  True diversity is the result of "meaningful interactions between people from different backgrounds, with different scars and different ways of looking at the world".   He cites the tendency of students to "self segregate" and find "self affirming enclaves".  The situation on the college campuses reflects trends we see in independent schools and underscores the need for deliberate, intentional, hard work to bring about difficult but ultimately rewarding conversations and activities that will result in inclusion and respect.   See the article at http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/13/opinion/sunday/the-lie-about-college-diversity.html?mwrsm=Email

Diversity Makes You Brighter

A recent New York Times article discussing the latest challenge to affirmative action in the Supreme Court mentioned a series of analytical experiments done with homogeneous and heterogeneous groups.   The more diverse groups answered the questions more accurately than the non diverse groups, who often just copied what others like them concluded.  The diverse groups engaged in "cognitive friction" which caused more enhanced deliberation and better critical thinking.   These types of experiments are important in our work as they offer concrete proof of what we already know to be true.  Here is the link to the piece: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/09/opinion/diversity-makes-you-brighter.html?mwrsm=Email

WSJ Article about NYC Hiring Faculty of Color for Public Schools

I came across this interesting article about NYC Public Schools making a push to hire more faculty of color, particularly men.   Obviously the issues we face in the independent schools are also seen in the public schools and we will be watching to see how they handle recruitment and retention.