We are mission-driven to foster faculty diversity in New York City independent schools.

Connections and Advocacy

  • FDS has been working with the independent schools of New York City for over 20 years and knows the characteristics of the individual schools extremely well. We work closely with hiring teams and know whom they are looking for to join their faculties.    
  • We are "cheerleaders" for our candidates and act as advocates for them as conduct their job search in the New York City independent school world.  
  • We co-sponsor a job fair to promote diversity in hiring every February with the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS). 

Individual Hands-on Job Search Preparation and Strategy 

  • We fine-tune resumes and cover letters with our candidates.
  • We role-play with candidates to prepare for interviews and demonstration lessons.
  • We counsel our candidates individually about which schools will best suit their interests and needs and make nuanced recommendations about strategies when applying for a job.   

A Confidential Safe Space

  • FDS is a confidential "safe space" to discuss professional issues, career aspirations and retention strategies.


  • We stay in close touch with our candidates throughout the hiring season and then follow our placed candidates through their first two years of teaching.   
  • We hold reunions and substantive professional development sessions for new teachers.